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Q: What is the TD Garden temperature during a Bruins game?
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What was the last year of the Boston Garden?

The final event to be held at Boston Garden was a preseason hockey game between the Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens on September 28, 1995. The Garden was demolished in 1998.

What song is played during the bruins game and sounds like the offspring?

The Offspring - Come Out and Play

What is the name of the movie in which a male actor Cary Grant or Gregory Peck was in the Boston Garden during this 1960s or 1970s color movie watching the Boston Bruins playing a live game?

It was The Friends of Eddie Coyle starring Robert Mitchum.

Who has a statue in front of the TD Garden?

Bobby Orr, Boston Bruins defenceman in his famous position after scoring the overtime winner in game 4 on the 1970 Stanley Finals.

When did Zdeno Chara score his first hat trick?

In the NHL, that was January 17, 2011 against the Carolina Hurricanes at TD Garden in Boston. The Bruins won the game 7-0.

What is Song at end of bruins game?

Dirty Water by The Standells

What is the piece of organ music played at the bruins game?


Have the Boston Bruins ever played in a game 7 Stanley Cup game?

Yes, the Boston Bruins won the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals in 7 games, with the final game being in Vancouver against the Canucks.

What is the Perfect temperature for a hockey puck during a game?


Did don cherry coach a Stanley cup winning team?

Don Cherry played as a defenceman in the minor leagues from 1954-1969. In 1955, he played in his only NHL game, a playoff game for the Boston Bruins. He had some success as an NHL coach in the 1970s with the Boston Bruins and Colorado Rockies.

How many game in a row did the Boston bruins lose with stave kasper as coach?


Did the bruins win game 7?

Canucks!!! Go Canucks go!!!