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i dont no wat the sydney team is but its nsw swifts not sydney swifts:)

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it is happily called the Queensland eaters after their rivals paddington bear hes a nasty one any way doorknob sorry my friend farted seeya

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Q: What is the Sydney netball team called?
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What is the name of Australia's netball team?

The Sydney Swiffs.

New Zealand netball team?

what do you want to know about the new zealand netball team..

Is netball a team game?

Yes, Netball is a team game.

What is the Melbourne netball team called?

I think it's the Vixens.I'm not so sure. But i know that the Australian national netball team is nicknamed the Diamonds. Hope it kinda helped!

Who is the most best netball team?

The best netball team is the swifts

Where are the Vixens netball team from?

The Melbourne Vixens is a netball team that is from Melbourne, Australia.

What are the Defenders called om a netball team?

The defenders in a netball team are: Goal defence (GD) Goal Keeper(GK) Wing Defence(WD) Centre is considered a defender and an attacker(C)

What is the name for the Newzealand netball team?

They are called the 'Silver Ferns'

Where does the fever netball team come from?

The Fever Netball team comes from WA (Western Australia)

How long has the Australian netball team been called the diamonds?

For 4 years. In 2008 the team adopted the nickname "Diamonds."

Which team player is responsible for a toss in a netball game?

No particular team player is responsible for the toss, but the captain of the netball team

Do you have to be an experienced netball player to play for the netball team?

No, you don't have to be an experienced netball player to play for a netball team. Everyone has to start somewhere. Start & you will soon get better. best of luck