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25 years 1979/80----2003/03

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2013-11-21 08:11:53
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Q: What is the St. Louis blues longest playoff streak?
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Which team has the best Playoff record for the NHL?

St. Louis Blues

when Were the blues ever in a Stanley cup playoff?

The Blues made the finals in 1968, 1969 and 1970.

When will the St. Louis blues make the playoffs again?

the blues are currently in 15th place out of 15 teams in the nhl's Western Conference and the leader in the western conference has 60 points and the Blues only have 31 so there are only 8 playoff spots and the blues are 6 points out of 8th in the western conference

When was St. Louis Blues created?

St. Louis Blues was created in 1967.

Have the St. Louis Blues ever won a Stanley Cup?

The St Louis Blues won their first Stanley Cup in 2019. The Blues won in game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoff Final on June 12th 2019. The final score was 4-1 in favor of the St Louis Blues.This was St Louis' first Stanley Cup Trophy win in the history of their franchise.2019 Playoff MVPRyan O’Reilly won the Playoff MVP also known as the Conn Smythe Trophy winner. This was in large part for scoring 23 points, the most ever for a single St Louis postseason runPlay Gloria!!!In celebration, Laura Branigan's hit song Gloria has been on 24 hour rotation on St Louis radio

What is the name of the St. Louis Blues mascot?

Louie is the name of the St. Louis Blues mascot

What is the time signature for St. Louis blues?

St. Louis Blues is 4/4 time.

How long did Wayne Gretzky play for the blues?

Gretzky was traded to St. Louis from Los Angeles on February 27, 1996. He played 18 regular season and 13 playoff games for the Blues. Gretzky then signed with the New York Rangers in July 1996.

Which NHL team has the most playoff appearances without ever winning a Stanley Cup?

That would be the St. Louis Blues. Since entering the NHL in the 1967-68 season, the Blues have made the playoffs in 35 of their 41 seasons but have never won the Stanley Cup.

What is Saint Louis Blues?

The Saint Louis Blues is the city's National Hockey League team, so named because of W. C. Handy's song, "Saint Louis Blues".

When was St. Louis Blues - album - created?

St. Louis Blues - album - was created in 1963-05.

How did St. Louis get the name blues?

they were named after the song Saint Louis Blues by W. C. Handy

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