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The martial art "Taekwondo" is the national sport of South Korea (the Republic of Korea).

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Q: What is the South Korean national sport?
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What is the national sport in South America?

the national sport of South America is football.

What is the national sport of South Korea?

Starcraft and Starcraft 2 i would know, im Korean 안녕하세요 님들 for all you Korean gamers out there

What is teakwondo?

It is an South Korean martial art/sport

What is South Africa's national sport?

South Africa does not have a national sport. The most common sports are Rugby, Soccer and Cricket though none are officially a national sport.

What country does Korean Air belong to?

Korean Air belongs to South Korea. Korean Air was founded by the South Korean government. The national flag carrier of South Korea is on its tail.

What is the title of the South Korean national anthem?

The name of the South Korean national anthem is "Aegukga" which means "The Patriotic Song".

What is the national bird of South Korea?

The Korean Magpie is the national bird of South Korea. :P

Is karate the national sport of any country?

Taekwondo is considered a form of karate and is the national sport of South Korea.

Which country is karate the national sport?

South Korea.

National bird of Korea?

The national bird of the country of South Korea is the Korean magpie. North Korea does not have a national bird.

Is Psy North Korean or South Korean?

South Korean

National bird of South Korea?

South Korea's national bird is the Korean magpie. It was chosen in 1964. In Korea, magpies are considered to bring good luck.

Is whoop gangnam style south Korean or North Korean?

South Korean

What is the name of the south Korea national anthem?

The name of the anthem is "Patriotic Hymn of the Korean Empire".

Is Maplestory a janpanse or south Korean game?

South Korean

When was Korean National party created?

Korean National party was created in 1981.

When did Korean National party end?

Korean National party ended in 1987.

When was Korean National Airlines created?

Korean National Airlines was created in 1948.

When did Korean National Airlines end?

Korean National Airlines ended in 1962.

What sport is Georgia's national sport?

georgia's national sport is basketball.

Why is Starcraft becoming the national sport of South Korea?

Its played by almost half of the Korean population and really they all just like it too much =) anyways they had to because it was so popular and revolutionary <.<

Is hockey the national sport in Canada?

Hockey is the national winter sport, but lacrosse is the national summer sport.

Which country china Taiwan or south corea has baseball as a national sport?

the answer is north Korea

What are popular sports in South Korea?

Starcraft is extremely popular in south korea. In fact its a national sport.

When did North Korean invade South Korean?

The North Korean Army invaded the South on June 25, 1950