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It is either a swish or airball.

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Q: What is the Shot name which goes without touching ring in basketball?
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What is it called if the basketball goes in without touching the hoop or backboard?


Can you score a basket in basketball if you are out of bounds you bounce it off the court and it goes in without touching a player?


Does a basket in basketball count when you are throwing it in bound and you bounce the ball off the court without touching a playerand it goes in?


What is a 'swish' in basketball?

== == When someone shoots the basketball and it goes through the net with out touching the rim

What is a sixer in cricket?

when the batsman hits a shot and ball goes in the boundary without touching the ground its six so six is called sixer

What is a rainbow shot in basketball?

A rainbow shot in basketball is simply a shot that goes incredibly higher than most, there are also rainbow passes, which are also known as a lolli pass.

In a basketball game if the ball hits the backboard then goes into the basket what is this shot called?

It is called a "bank" shot.

If a basketball is shot and hits something hanging from the ceiling and goes in is the basket good?

Yes the shot is good.

Where did the term nothing but net come from?

No one can be certain on the origination of the basketball phrase of "nothing but net". The reason for this is that basketball has and is played in all types of venues such as high school, college and professional leagues.What the term means, however, is that the ball is shot from the players' hand and goes through the basketball hoop without touching the metal hoop. Thus it "swishes" through and hits only the net hanging from the rim.

What does buckets mean in basketball?

Bucket, a common term reffered to as the basket. ie, and he goes up for the bucket, shot is in, shot is good!

The throw in basketball that is worth one point if it goes in the basket is?

Foul shot.

What happens if the ball is in flight and the whistle goes for the end of the game in basketball and then it goes in?

If the shot is thrown before the clock ends, the point is scored. If the shot is thrown after the clock stops, it is not counted.

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