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Through the 2012 season, the San Diego Chargers have an all-time record of 4-5 versus the Baltimore Ravens.

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Q: What is the San Diego Chargers overall record against the Baltimore Ravens?
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Who won in 2008 chargers vs ravens game?

The Baltimore Ravens

What was the Baltimore Ravens overall record for 2005?

The Baltimore Ravens biggest win in 2005 was against the Green Bay Packers 48 - 3.

Who is better San Diego Chargers or the Baltimore Ravens?

The Chargers are "better" because they have a better record than the Baltimore Ravens. The Chargers have the second seed and have a bye the first week of the playoffs.

Which is correct Baltimore Ravens are or Baltimore Ravens is?

Baltimore Ravens are. Like in the sentence the Baltimore ravens are awesome!

Will Troy Polamalu play the next game against the Baltimore Ravens?

Troy Polamalu played in the October 3, 2010 game against the Baltimore Ravens.

What are the release dates for NBC Sunday Night Football - 2006 Baltimore Ravens at San Diego Chargers 6-16?

NBC Sunday Night Football - 2006 Baltimore Ravens at San Diego Chargers 6-16 was released on: USA: 18 December 2011

What is the all time record between the Baltimore Ravens and the Dallas Cowboys?

The Baltimore Ravens has a 4-and-1 record against the Dallas Cowboys.

What NFL team lead in sacks in 2006?

That was the San Diego Chargers with 61. The Baltimore Ravens were second with 60.

How many times have the Baltimore Ravens won against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Baltimore Ravens have a 12-18 regular season record against the Steelers. They are also 0-2 in their postseason meetings.

When do Texans play against Baltimore?

The Texans next play the Ravens in Baltimore on September 22, 2013.

Who were the Baltimore Ravens first two draft picks when they came to Baltimore?

The Ravens had two first round selections in the 1996 NFL draft, their first season in Baltimore. They took T Jonathan Ogden with the 4th overall selection and LB Ray Lewis with the 26th overall selection.

Who won in 2009 chargers vs ravens game?


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