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Black, white, and gold.

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Q: What is the Saints away color for football?
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What are the saints team colors?

the saints football teams home colors are Vegas gold and black and there away colos are Vegas gold and white

What does the color black and gold means?

Black and Gold are the two colors that represent the football team(the Saints)

What color is the England football shirt?

The home England football shirt is white and away is red.

When was Carroll Fighting Saints football created?

Carroll Fighting Saints football was created in 1920.

Are the football team saints gay?


Does LA have a football team?


Can the saints play the patriots in the super bowl?

Yes. The Saints represent the National Football Conference. The Patriots are in the American Football Conference.

When was the saints football team started?

The saints were founded on November 1st 1966

Who has a better team the saints or the patriots?

Based on the monday night football game, the Saints do.

Who are better the colts football team or new or leans football team?

The Saints.

Who is jamal brown?

he is a football player for the saints

How are the saints and colts alike?

They play football.