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Rules of Rounders

Simple to follow rules of Rounders:


• When not in bat, please wait behind the designated safety marker

• You get 3 chances to hit the ball

• You can run to or past the first base on any hit, you can only run on a

miss if it's the third ball and you didn't hit the first 2 balls (miss all 3)

• If you hit the first 2 balls and decide not to run, but miss the third ball -

you are out

• If the ball you hit is caught by any member of the fielding team before it

touches the floor - you are out

• If the ball you hit is thrown by a fielder and gets to the base you are

running towards before you do - you have been stumped and are


• When starting to run - please do not release the bat until half way

between the batting station and first base - if it is deemed that the bat

was released in a dangerous way - you are out

• The batting team can keep batting until all players are out, or, until the

last batter fails to make a complete rounder


• A team can only score when in bat

• If you complete a full rounder from 1 hit - 2 points

• If you complete a full rounder with breaks at bases - 1 point


• There are 4 bases - each base must be occupied by a base guard

• Base guards only can stump the player in bat running towards them

• Fielders can be placed anywhere around the playing area

• Anyone on the fielding team can make a catch to get the batter out


• Bowlers must bowl under arm from the designated bowling area

• The bowler must aim the ball between hip and shoulder of the batter

• In the event of a no ball - the batter will have the choice of an extra

ball or walk to first base

I just put all the rules lol

yeah well SAFTEY rules not rules hint hint idiot?!

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Don't get hit in the face with a ball.

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Q: What is the Safety Check for rounders?
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