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Q: What is the Purpose of Canada Day?
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What is the purpose of setting off fireworks on Canada Day?

For fun.

What is the purpose of the criminal code in Canada?

there is no purpose, its there for enjoyment :)

Where did Canada day originate?

Canada day originated in Canada and is in Canada only.

Do they have an Australia day like Canada?

we have a Canada day

When will Canada day be?

Canada Day will be on July 1.

What was the purpose of the national policy?

the purpose of the national policy was to streghten canada.

Why is Canada Day is celebrated?

Canada Day is the day Canadians celebrate the country gaining its indeoendence.

What is the relationship between Canada day and quebec day?

Canada Day is for all of Canada, while Quebec Day is for all of Quebec.

Do they have a July 4 in Canada?

That is their Independence Day, also known as Dominion Day or Canada Day.

When was Canada day and when?

Canada Day is on July 1st. Canada "became Canada" that exact date in 1867.

What is Canada Revenue's purpose?

Canada's Revenue's purpose is to deal with the financial matters of Canadian and non Canadian residents living in Canada. This includes business and personal taxes, and charities.

What day after Christmas in Canada?

The day after Christmas in Canada is called Boxing Day.