What is the Prince of Wales Trophy?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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The Prince of Wales Trophy is handed to the Eastern Conference finalist in the National Hockey League (NHL). There's a traditional superstition, that no hockey player would touch or hoist the Prince of Wales Trophy because otherwise they will have bad luck and would not win the Stanley Cup.

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Q: What is the Prince of Wales Trophy?
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Do NHL Conference Champs get a ring?

No, they get a nice trophy. The West gives the Clarence Campbell Trophy while the east gives the Prince of Wales Trophy.

What Trophy is won by each conference in nhl?

The Eastern Conference trophy is called the Prince of Wales Trophy. The Western Conference one is the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl.

What is the Prince of Wales Cup?

It is the trophy presented by the National Hockey League (NHL) to the Eastern Conference (formerly the Wales Conference) playoff champions.

Does Prince of Wales have anything to do with the Country of Wales?

yes he is the prince of wales.

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Prince William kindly agreed to the establishment of a new trophy in his name celebrating 100 years of history between the rugby nations of Wales and South Africa . This commenced in 2007.

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No Prince William is not The Prince of Wales. That title is held by the eldest son of the reigning monarch. The reigning monarch is Queen Elizabeth II and her eldest son is Prince Charles, who is Prince of Wales. Prince William is known as Prince William of Wales because his father is Prince Charles. When Charles becomes King, then Prince William will become the Prince of Wales

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Wales is a principality, not a duchy. Prince Charles is the current Prince of Wales.

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There is only one Prince of Wales: Prince Charles. There can only ever be one Prince of Wales because the title is given to the eldest son of a monarch.