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Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins

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Q: What is the Pittsburgh penguins minor league team?
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What US city has the ice hockey team the penquins?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is home to the Pittsburgh Penguins. They also have a minor league team called the Penguins out of Wilkes-Barre-Scranton also known as the Baby Pens.

Do the Pittsburgh Penguins play hockey?

The Pittsburgh Penguins is a hockey team

What hockey team is in Pittsburgh?

the Pittsburgh penguins

Who was the best hockey team in the whole hockey league in 1997?

the pittsburgh penguins because of mario lemiuex

Do polar bears eat the Pittsburgh Penguins?

No, the Pittsburgh Penguins are a pro hockey team. And, penguins do not live at the Arctic.

Was Kris letang traded from the Pittsburgh penguins?

No, he was moved down to the minor team in Salsbary for 2 games, because he was playing bad

Who has the better NHL team Pittsburgh or Detroit?

Pittsburgh Penguins

What has the author Rick Buker written?

Rick Buker has written: 'Total Penguins' -- subject(s): Pittsburgh Penguins (Hockey team), History 'Total Penguins' -- subject(s): Pittsburgh Penguins (Hockey team), History

Is there minor league baseball on Oahu?

There are no minor league baseball teams in Hawaii. At what time the Pittsburgh Pirates had a minor league team called the Hawaii Islanders here but they moved many years ago. However Hawaii does have a proffesional baseball team in Hawaii (on Maui) they are members of the Golden baseball league which has 6 teams.

What team does Mike Comrie play for?

The Pittsburgh Penguins

What does Pittsburgh penguins do well together as a team?

They lose.

Another word for minor league team?