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the ball was caught by the boy

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Q: What is the Passive of The Boy Caught The Ball?
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The dog caught the ball it is passive or active?

Active because The subject (the dog) caught the object (the ball). The passive term would be, the ball was caught by the dog.

What is the passive voice of the captain caught the ball easily?

the ball was easily caught by the captain OR (not passive but sounds better) the ball was an easy c atch for the captain

What is an example of a passive voice sentence?

Passive: The boy was walking down the street.Active: The boy walked down the street.Passive: The papers were graded by the teacher.Active: The teacher graded the papers.Passive: The ball was thrown by the girl.Active: The girl threw the ball.

What is the defition of passive?

lacking in energy or will; "Much benevolence of the passive order may be traced to a disinclination to inflict pain upon oneself"- George Meredithpeacefully resistant in response to injustice; "passive resistance"passive voice: the voice used to indicate that the grammatical subject of the verb is the recipient (not the source) of the action denoted by the verb; "`The ball was thrown by the boy' uses the passive voice"; "`The ball was thrown' is an abbreviated passive"

Switch to passive voice Who has caught the thief?

the thief has been caught

How do you write a sentence in active voice?

Active voice uses action verbs and gives a more vivid mental image. Passive voice is what most journalists use. Let's look at some examples.Passive voice: The ball was caught by the first baseman.Active voice: The first baseman caught the ball.Passive voice: The victim was killed by a psychopath.Active voice: A psychopath killed the victim.

What is passive voice of He is a boy?

There is no passive form of a copula verb. We do not say "A boy is being been by him."

Is 'He is a boy' passive voice?

No this sentence is not passive voice.

Did he catch the noon train change into passive voice?

Was the traincaught by him

Where is a fair catch ball spotted?

When a punted ball is 'fair caught' by a receiver, the ball is spotted at the mark that the receiver caught the ball.

What is a sentence for the words shortstop and caught?

The shortstop caught the ball. The pitcher caught the ball and threw it to the shortstop for the out.

Describe a character using passive and active voice?

In active voice: The boy broke the window. In Passive voice: The window was broken by the boy.

Can you catch Mewtwo without a masterball?

Yes, i caught him with a master ball but one of friends caught him with a dusk ball and one caught him with a timer ball. So try those.

What does the figure of speech mean Time flew when they were at recess?

time went by very quickly

Can you steal a base on a foul ball?

An uncaught foul ball is dead. If a foul ball is caught, runners can steal, but have the same tag up responsibilities as a fair caught ball.

What fan caught Mickey Mantle's last home run ball?

Nicholas Neglia. He caught his ball and fell back on his chair and still had the ball.

What is the past tense of catch?

Caught Example : "Today I catch the ball. Yesterday I caught the ball."

Can you advance on a caught foul ball?

Yes, once the foul ball is caught the runners can advance by tagging up

Can Zapdos be caught in anything or just a master ball?

yes ive caught him with an ultra took forever

How do you be a ball boy in football?

You can't be a ball boy

Is The thief Being Caught. change to active voice?

Are the police catching the thief. active - The police caught the thief. passive - The thief was caught

Do you have to tag up after a foul ball even if it not caught?

If a foul ball is not caught in the air, the ball is dead, so there would be no tag up opportunity. If it is caught in the air, the runners can tag up and advance at their own risk.

If a fly ball is caught out of bounds is it an out?

Yes as it is still caught on the fly, without touching the ground. Depends on your definition. If a fly ball is caught in "Foul Ground", then yes it is an out. Some leagues, for safety reasons, have an "out of bounds" area beyond foul territory. If a ball is caught there, there is no out and it is considered a foul ball.

What should the batter when a fly ball is caught?

When a fly ball is caught, the batter doesn't do anything but go back to the dugout.

How do you become an NFL ball boy?

To become a ball boy you usually need to have an in with the team you want to ball boy for or know the owner.