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Q: What is the Pantone number for the navy of the Detroit Tigers?
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What are the Detroit Tigers team colors?

The Tigers uniform colors are navy blue, orange, white, and gray.

What is the U.S. Navy gray pantone number that is used on warship paint?

I served in the Navy for 6 years, and have now worked as a prepress operator/graphic designer for about 11 years now. I believe the closest Pantone color officially recognized by the US Navy for use is PMS 430. -Shawn J

What are the PMS numbers for Notre Dame's colors?

The official colors for products the University employs are the following: Navy Blue (Pantone 289), Gold (Pantone 116), metallic Gold (Pantone 872), Green (Pantone 347).

What RAL color is Pantone 281?

Pantone 282 is most similar to RAL 5000. They are not equal to one another in appearance. Pantone 282 is a desaturated midnight blue, whereas Ral 5000 is more of a grayish navy blue.

What are the colors of east carolina university?

Clemson's official colors are Clemson Orange and Regalia, which is a fancy name for purple.

The Detroit Tiger's Baseball team symbol?

A capital navy blue D

What is the navy employer identifier number?

Because he is navy

What color uniformes Detroit school of arts wear?

Gold , Black , and White (navy pants only)

What is the SWIFT number for Navy Federal?

SWIFT codes are not necessary for incoming transfers to Navy Federal. Only an ABA routing number and the account number are required.

What is the phone number of the Navy Seal Foundation in Virginia Bch Virginia?

The phone number of the Navy Seal Foundation is: 757-363-7490.

What is the phone number of the Navy Seal Museum in Fort Pierce Florida?

The phone number of the Navy Seal Museum is: 772-595-5845.

What was the third largest navy in 1914?

In 1914 the US had the third largest navy in the world. It ranked below the number one sized navy of Britain, and the second largest navy in 1914 was the German navy.