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The Bears have 41 wins, the Vikings have 50, and there were 2 ties.

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The Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers have played 188 times. Chicago leads the head-to-head series by a record of 93-89-6.

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Bears 92 - Packers 83 - Tie 6

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Q: What is the Packers Bears head to head record all time?
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What is the Vikings Packers Head to head record all time?


What is the all time win loss record of the Chicago Bears versus the Green Bay Packers?

The Bears and Packers have played a staggering 178 times, with the Bears holding the edge currently with an all time record against the packers of 91-81-6. Stupid Bears.

When was the last time the bears and packers met in an NFC Championship game?

1941, the Bears beat the Packers.

Are the bears the best team of all time in the NFL?

NO! maybe the steelers or the packers

When was the last time the Chicago Bears beat the Green Bay packers?


Who held the position of the Green Bay Packers head coach for the longest time?

Curly Lambeau for 29 seasons between 1921-1949. His record with the Packers was 209-104-21 and the Packers won 6 NFL championships while he was head coach (1929, 1930, 1931, 1936, 1939, 1944).

What is the packers record all time vs the 49ers?

As of the 2nd game of the 2009-10 season the Packers overall record is 671-528-36.

What is the Bears all time postseason record?

There all time postseason record is 17-18.

What is the packers all time recored in there divshion?

The Green Bay Packers are 42-18 in the NFC North Division. Their record against their individual opponents is: 13-7 vs. the Minnesota Vikings 12-8 vs. the Chicago Bears 17-3 vs. the Detroit Lions

What time did the bears game end today?

No. The Green Bay Packers defeated the Chicago Bears, 10-3, at Lambeau Field.

What are the top three NFL teams of all time?

green bay packers chicago bears new york giants

What is the Packers all time Super Bowl record?

3-1 the only loss was to the broncos in 1996.