What is the PUP list in the NFL?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Physically Unable to Peform

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Q: What is the PUP list in the NFL?
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What are the NFL rules on PUP?

A PUP player is not eligible to play until after the first six games of the regular season because of league rules regarding the PUP list.

What does pup list stand for?

physically unable to perform. its when a player on a team gets injured and goes on the pup list

How do you get off the nfl pup rule?

A player who finishes the preseason still on the PUP list can then be placed on the regular-season PUP list. Such players must sit out the first six games their team plays. At that point, teams have a three-week window in which to allow the player to begin practicing; from the day the player begins practicing, teams have an additional three-week window in which to decide whether to activate the player to the 53-man roster. If either of those deadlines pass, the player must remain on the PUP list for the remainder of the season.

Do NFL players on the Physically Unable to Perform list get paid a full salary?

Yes. The PUP list is similar to MLB's 60 day disabled list. Players receive full salary but are not allowed to play or practice. They may attend team meetings.

How many players can a team put on the pup list?


List of entrance exam passers in pup?

name list pass the bar exam

What is the sports abbreviation for injury list?

There are two. The IR, which is the Injured Reserve, and the PUP list, or the Physically Unable to Perfrom list. Also DL for Disabled List.

What is the NFL disabled list?

Injured reserve list

Is it possible that a leopard seal can give birth to more than one pup?

Five respectable sources do not list the possibility of a second pup being born at a time.

In the NFL What does physically unable to perform mean?

Physically Unable to Perform or PUP prohibits a player from practicing with his team. It is usually a preseason designation. A player who begins the season on the PUP list must sit out his team's first six games. After that point, the player is allowed to practice with the team through Week 10 of the NFL season, and can be activated any time within that window. If the player is not activated by Week 10, he must stop practicing and is unavailable to be moved to the active roster for the remainder of the season.

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