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Weightlifting, or olympic weightlifting is a sport consisting of two disciplines, the snatch (contested first) and the clean & jerk (contested second).

Powerlifting is a sport consisting of three movements, the squat, the bench press and finally the deadlift.

Both sports utilize a barbell and competitors are scored based on the highest amount of weight lifted succesfully.

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Olympic weightlifting consists of two lifts. The snatch and the clean and jerk.

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500kg by Stephanie mostyn in 1997

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Q: What is the Olympic weightlifting record?
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World record clean and jerk?

The world record (current) for a Clean and jerk is held by Hossein Rezazadeh of Iran. Who lifted 263.5 Kilos in 2004 at the Athens Olympic's Nikia Olympic Weightlifting hall in Greece. The all time world record is held by Leonid Taranenko who lifted 266.0 Kg's at the 1988 Samboy Chimps World Weightlifting championships.

What is the Olympic record for the women's 48kg weightlifting event?

According to (BEIJING, August 9) -- Chen Xiexia of China performed with the confidence of a champion throughout the Women's 48 kilogram Weightlifting competition on August 9, successfully completing all her attempts for a gold medal finish with 95kg in the Snatch and 117kg in the Clean and Jerk for a total of 212kg, a new Olympic Record.

What sport is Kyle Pierce associated with?

He is associated with olympic weightlifting.

What sports are Australians participating in at the 2004 Olympic Games?


What Olympic event that starts with w?

Water polo, wrestling, weightlifting.

Is weightlifting an olympic sport?

Yes both men and women take part

Why is an Olympic record not considered to be a world record?

An Olympic record is the greatest achieved in the Olympic games. A world record is the greatest achieved anywhere, ever. In some instances an Olympic record is also the world record.

Is an olympic record the same as a world record?

No they are not the same. A World Record can be broken at any time. Whereas an Olympic Record can only be broken at the Olympic Games (it's a glorified Meet Record.) Keep in mind that a World Record CAN be set at the Olympic Games (which would in turn, automatically break the Olympic Record as well.) A World Record outranks an Olympic Record.

Saudi Arabia Olympic events?

Saudi Arabia sent athletes to the 2008 Olympic Games to compete in Shooting, Equestrian, and Weightlifting.

What are different kinds of lifts?

The two lifts in Olympic Weightlifting are the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.

Did Thailand win any medals in 2008 olympic?

1 so far...Weightlifting

With what former Olympic sport is the clean and press exercise associated?

The clean and press was associated with Olympic weightlifting. This technique was discontinued after the 1972 Olympics.