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Bronze is formed by combining tin and copper.

Therefore, the bronze Olympic medal is made of tin and copper.

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Q: What is the Olympic bronze metal made of?
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What are the 2 Olympic bronze medals made of?

they are made of bronze

What is the Olympic bronze medal made out of?


What is a bronze medal made of?

Bronze metals are made out of a metal alloy. These metals in the bronze metal alloy are copper and tin.

What does a third place at the Olympic games win?

bronze metal

What are the Olympic medals made of?

None are gold silver or bronze, the are usually nickel and alloy with a thin coat of bronze etc. The value is to the holder so they don't have to be of precious metal.

Is bronze a non-metal?

No, bronze is not a non-metal. Bronze is an alloy(made of multiple metal forming a homogenous mixture)

How many Olympic sliver and bronze medals has New Zealand won?

2 metal 5 bronze

What is the Olympic meddles made from?

the Olympic medals are made all from bronze silver and gold.

What is the prize for the third place at the olympic and the commonwealth games?

bronze metal

What material are olympic metals made from?

If its gold-GOLD silver-SILVER bronze-BRONZE

What are olympic medals made of?

gold,silver , bronze

What metal is the Xiphos made of?


Bronze is a metal made by combining .?

tin and copper

Bronze is a metal made by combining?

tin and copper

What are Spartan helmets made of?

They were made out of metal/bronze.

What is Olympic Medal made of?

either gold,silver, or bronze

Are the Olympic gold medals chocolate cookies?

No, the Olympic medals are made of actual gold, silver and bronze.

What metal is the Caldecott Medal made of?

The medal is made of bronze.

What are Olympic Bronze medals made of?

Although you would think Bronze, it is accually Copper: Says my Sciene Teacher

Bronze is a metal made by combining what?


Which metal is made out of copper and tin?


Which metal if made out of copper and tin?


Which metal were weapons first made of?


What metal were the first weaponds made out of?


Where do you find bronze?

You cannot find bronze. It is a metal alloy made from Copper and Tin.