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Automatic (A Standard) Bid: 3 mins, 39 secs

Provisional (B Standard) Bid: 3 mins, 43 secs


Automatic (A Standard: 4 mins, 12 secs, and 93 hundredths

Provisional: 4 mins, 17 secs

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Q: What is the Olympic 1500 meter qualifying time?
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What is the average olympic 1500 meter time?

The average time for Olympic 1500 meter is 3:25 to 3:45. This is average time, where athletes break the ribbons, but it also depends on practice and stamina of individuals.

What is qualifying olympic womens 800m time?

1.59.50 :)

What is the qualifying time for the 100 meter dash in the Olympics?

In 2008, the Qualifying time for the 100m dash was 10.07s

What is the Olympic qualifying time for women's 50m freestyle?

The qualifying time for the women's 50m freestyle is 25.43 seconds.

What is the 1500m olympic time?

The women's Olympic 1500 meter record is 3:53.96 held by Paula Ivan of Romania set at the 1988 Games in Seoul. The men's Olympic 1500 meter record is 3:32:07 held by Noah Ngeny of Kenya set at the 2000 Games in Sydney.

What is a qualifying Olympic 800 meter time?

It depends on the field of the participants. For the U.S., you need an "A" qualifying time of 1:56.60 to go to the trials. The top three runners will qualify for the Olympics. The time required to be in the top three will be detrmined at the trials in Oregon.

Who was a British female 3 time Olympic medal winner?

Dame Kelly Holmes won three Olympic medals. Gold - 2004 800 meter run 2004 1500 meter run Bronze - 2000 800 meter run

When was 1500m entered in the Olympic games?

The 1500 meter run has been a part of the Modern Olympics since they began in 1896. The first gold medalist in the 1500 meter run was Teddy Flack of Australia in a time of 4:33.2.

What is qualifying for the olympic 100 meter dash in the US?

In order to qualify to run the 100 meter dash in the Olympics and represent the United States, a sprinter must qualify to run in the U.S. Olympic trials which means you have to run a qualifying time in order to be eligible to participate in the trials. The qualifying time must be a result of an electric timer (accutrack time) no hand held times are allowed for qualification for this event. Then you have to place in the top three in the finals of the 100 in the trials in order to quaify to represent the U.S. in the 100 meters in the Olympics.

What is a qualifying olympic mile time?

This question is moot because the mile is not an Olympic event. The closest in distance is the 1500m.

What is the record time of running a mile in the Olympics?

The mile run is not an Olympic event. The 1500 meter run is the event in the Olympics that is closest to the mile run.

How do you convert a 1500 meter time to a mile time?

There are roughly 1600 meters in a miles, so your 1500 meter time multiplied by 1600/1500, or 16/15, would give you a mile time. For example, a 6:00 1500 time would be a 6:24 mile.

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