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the answer is Adidas

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Q: What is the Oklahoma basketball team name?
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What is the team name of the professional basketball team in Washington state?

Currently, there is no professional basketball team in the state of Washington as of the 2008-2009 season. The Seattle Supersonics, the team that previously played in Washington for many years, relocated to Oklahoma City and was renamed the Oklahoma City Thunder.

What films were made about woman' basketball?

What film was made about an Oklahoma girls basketball team which won the state championship. What is the name of the town the girls were from and history

Where did the super sonics basketball team move to?

Oklahoma thunder

What is the name of the NCAA men's college basketball team that was the first team to win back-to-back NCAA men's basketball championships by beating NYU in 1945 and North Carolina in 1946?

This team was Oklahoma State.

Does Oklahoma have a pro-football team?

No, Oklahoma does not have a pro football team. They do have a semi-pro team called the Yard Dogs. Oklahoma has a new pro basketball team called the Thunder. Also, the Oklahoma City Redhawks is the semi-pro baseball team.

Are there any professional sports teams in Oklahoma?

There is an NBA basketball team known as the Oklahoma City Thunder

When were the Sonics last located in Seattle?

The Seattle SuperSonics (also know as the Sonics) were a basketball team. They were located in Seattle until 2008. They have now moved to Oklahoma and have a new team name of Oklahoma City Thunder.

What was the first basketball team name?

The University of Chicago Basketball Team.

What is the name of Montreal's professional basketball team?

There is no Montreal basketball team.

What is the name of a basketball team that is owned by basketball players?

The jordan team

Why is Oklahoma City basketball team called the thunder?

cause thats what the nba hoster made that team for

What year did unc mens basketball team beat the high seated Oklahoma team in the tournament?


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