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It is called 'Giants Stadium'.

The Jets share the stadium with the NY Giants.

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2009-12-09 01:10:16
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Q: What is the New York Jets stadium called?
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What is the stadium of the New York Jets called?

Meadowlands Stadium

Do the New York Giants and the New York Jets play in the same stadium?

The New York Jets play in East Rutherford, NJ at Giants Stadium. YES!! The New York Jets and the New York Giants both play in the same stadium. The name of the current stadium the Giants and Jets play in is called MetLife Stadium.

Is MetLife Stadium the New York Jets stadium?

Yes. Both the New York Jets and New York Giants play at MetLife Stadium.

Is it called the New York Giants or New York Jets stadium?

The actual name is New Meadowlands Stadium, it is in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The New York Giants and New York Jets play in what stadium?

MetLife Stadium.

Name of New York Jets stadium?

MetLife Stadium.

What is the New Jersey football stadium called?

The New York Giants and New York Jets play in the New Meadowlands Stadium. It is located in East Rutherford, NJ.

Will the New York Jets get their own stadium?


What are the NFL teams located in New York?

They are: The New York Jets The New York Giants The Buffalo Bills The Bills, however, are the only team that actually plays in New York. The Jets and Giants both share a stadium in New Jersey called the Meadowland Stadium.

Where is the New York Giants and New York Jets stadium located?

new jersey

Did the New York Jets build a new stadium?

Yes/No the jets and the giants share the same stadium. And a new one was opened in 2010.

The New York Giants and the New York Jets play at giants stadium where is that stadium located?

Hempstead, NJ

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