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The Nebraska Cornhuskers are 4-8 against the Texas Longhorns.

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Q: What is the Nebraska Cornhuskers record versus Texas?
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Who went to the Big 12 Championship in 2009?

The Texas Longhornes and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The winner was the Texas Longhornes by 2 points!

What is the win-loss record between U of Texas and U of Nebraska football?

Texas leads the all time series 10-4. The Longhorns have won the last 6 meetings ... the Cornhuskers last win was in the 1999 Big 12 Championship Game.

What Bowl would Nebraska go to if they beat Texas in the Big 12 Championship?

The Nebraska Cornhuskers would go to the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl if they win the Big 12 Championship game.

Which team has the best fans in the National College Athletic Association?

The Nebraska Cornhuskers. ANSWER: The correct answer is "the team you currently root for". I'm sure an Oklahoma or Texas fan would disagree with the previous answer.

What is the record between Nebraska vs University of Texas in college football?

Texas leads the series 8 - 4

Is Nebraska south of Texas?

No, Nebraska is not south of Texas. Nebraska is north of Texas.

What teams have scored more than 70 points against university of Nebraska football?

Only one team has scored more than 70 against Nebraska .... Kansas defeated the Cornhuskers 76-39 in the 2007 season. Both Texas Tech (beat Nebraska 70-10 in 2004) and Wisconsin (beat Nebraska 70-31 in 2012) scored exactly 70 against them.

What is the all time football record for Nebraska vs Texas A and M?

Through the 2009 season, Nebraska leads the all time series 10-3.

How many times have the Texas longhorns been to the big 12 championship?

Through the 2008 season, 4 times. Their record is 2-2: 1996: Texas 37, Nebraska 27 1999: Nebraska 22, Texas 6 2001: Colorado 39, Texas 37 2005: Texas 70, Colorado 3

What is the all time football record Colorado versus Texas AM?

As of the 2008 season, Colorado and Texas A&M have played 7 times with Colorado leading the series 5-2.

Is Nebraska north of Texas?

They do not border each other, but Nebraska is north of Texas.

How many Heisman Trophy winners came from big 12 conference?

Four. 1998 Ricky Williams, Texas; 2001 Eric Crouch, Nebraska; 2003 Jason White, Oklahoma, 2008 Sam Bradford, Oklahoma. There have been 4 Heisman Trophy winners from The Big 12 conference: Ricky Williams-Texas Longhorns 1998, Eric Crouch-Nebraska Cornhuskers 2001, Jason White-Oklahoma Sooners 2003, Sam Bradford-Oklahoma Sooners 2008

What time is the 2009 Texas versus Texas AM football game?

Texas versus Texas A&M will be at 7:00 PM CT on 11/26/2009.

Texas Texas A and M and Nebraska are all members of which conference?

Nebraska is in the Big 12 North. Texas and Texas A & M are in the Big 12 South.

How many miles from Omaha Nebraska to Texas?

It takes about 600 miles to get from Omaha Nebraska to the border of Texas.

How many times have Texas beat Nebraska?

NONE. Nebraska has beat Texas every time they have played them.

Who is a better football team Texas or Nebraska?


Oklahoma versus Texas Record Last 10 Years?

Oklahoma has won 4 in the past 10 years and has won 41 in the history of the rivalry (Texas has won 59)

What college football team has the best record of all time?

#1 Michigan #2 Texas #3 Notre Dame #4 Nebraska #5 Ohio State

Which is smaller Omah Nebraska or Houston Texas?

Omaha, Nebraska is smaller.

What actors and actresses appeared in 1974 Cotton Bowl - 1974?

The cast of 1974 Cotton Bowl - 1974 includes: Tom Brookshier as Himself - Color Commentator Lindsey Nelson as Himself - Play-by-Play Announcer Tom Osborne as Himself - Nebraska Cornhuskers Head Coach Darrell Royal as Himself - Texas Longhorns Head Coach

What is all time record of university of georgia versus texas a and m?

Georgia leads the all time series 3-2 ... the teams last met in the 2009 Independence Bowl.

Jonas Brothers Nebraska?

If you are asking if the Jonas Brothers live in Nebraska.... then no they live here in Texas.

What percentage of Nebraska football players are natives of Nebraska?

67.67(rep)% of players are from Nebraska this season. Others are from Kansas, Missouri, Texas and California.

What direction do you go in to get from Nebraska to Texas?