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Q: What is the Name of a great Brooklyn dodger?
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What was the country that Brooklyn Dodger star Sandy Amoros was from?

Brooklyn Dodger outfielder Sandy Amoros was born in Cuba.

What were the characters name from Oliver Twist called?

dodger. great book!!

Which Brooklyn Dodger got his nickname for what he called shooter marble?

That would be Dodger shortstop Harold "Pee Wee" Reese.

How many hits did Jackie Robinson have during his first five years as a Brooklyn Dodger?

In Jackie Robinson's first 5 seasons as a Brooklyn Dodger (1947-1951), Jackie had 903 hits.

What number did Brooklyn Dodger Bill Antonello wear in 1953?


Where did the Brooklyn Dodger baseball team play before they moved to Ebbets Field?

they used to be located in brooklin new york they were called the brooklin dodgers

What was the original name for the Brooklyn bridge?

The original name of the Brooklyn bridge was The Great East River Suspension Bridge.

What is the name of Rita's boat in flushed away?

The Jammy Dodger

What is the birth name of Dodger Sterling?

Dodger Sterling's birth name is Earl Rankin Stirling.

What is a Brooklyn trolley dodger?

Contrary to belief the term "Brooklyn Trolley Dodger" has nothing to do with avoiding fares and that may have been previously stated. The term was given as a nickname to residents from Brooklyn when the the borough was an independent city to describe life in the then city. Brooklyn's network of trolleys were so vast that people would say dodging trolleys to walk around the city or in the case of children playing in the street. The name was then adopted by the baseball team that is now known as the L.A. Dodgers