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A trimaran.

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Q: What is the Name for fast sailing yacht with 3 hulls?
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What is yachting?

Yachting is the activity of sailing in a yacht. In the original sense a yacht was a light and fast type of sailing vessel. In modern terms however the name as become applicable to several types of sailing and power boats. The common factor for all of the boats covered by the term is that they are used primarily for pleasure not work or sport.

Which language did the word yacht come from?

Yacht comes from a Dutch word jacht meaning 'a hunt'. It was a fast sailing boat that patrolled the seas 'hunting' pirates.

What was a clipper?

A "clipper" was the name given to a very fast, yacht like sailing ship with three masts and a square rig which was in use during the middle third of the 19th century.

What is the name of the fast Spanish or Portuguese sailing vessel?


Name of fast moving Portuguese sailing vessel?

caravel is the name of this vessel

How fast do warships go?

The coal powered Russian battleships during the Battle of Tsushima in 1905 were doing 8 knots due to fouling on their hulls (they had just completed sailing over 18,000 miles); their opposition was doing close to 15 knots (they had clean hulls).

What is a fast sailing ship called?

A Clipper was the fastest of all sailing ships.For a sailing ships to be faster draught of that ship must be low.Other fast-sailing ships are:CarrackCaravelSloopSchoonerBrigBrigandineBarque

What is the fast sailing material?

Turtle Skin

Why do you call fancy boats yachts?

Charles II of England used a light, fast sailing vesel to carry him to Britain from Holland for his restoration, and the term "yacht" came to be used to describe a vessel used to convey important persons.

How do you call a sailor of a light fast-sailing vessel?

sailer of a light fast vessel

How fast was the Titanic sailing?

maybe 3400milkes per hour?

What do you call a sailor of a light fast sailing vessel?

A sailor.

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