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Q: What is the NHL hockey team in Minnesota?
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What is the name of Minnesota's hockey team?

The NHL club in Minnesota is known as the Minnesota Wild.

What is the yongest NHL hockey team?

Columbus and Minnesota 2000

Does Colorado have an NHL hockey team?

yes there is a NHL hockey team and the team is called The Colarado Avalanche

What was the name of Minnesotas hockey team before the northstars?

According to, there was no NHL hockey team based in Minnesota before the North Stars were established as part of the first expansion of the league in 1967. There was a team called the Minnesota Fighting Saints (played in the WHA) that existed from 1973-77. Other than the Wild or North Stars, the Fighting Saints are the only other team to play in Minnesota and be a member of either the NHL or WHA (later merged with the NHL). html

Who are some players on the Minnesota Wild hockey team?

Some players on the Minnesota Wild hockey team include Kyle Brodziak, Dany Heatley and Mike Rupp. You can view the full roster online at the NHL website.

Name of Minnesota nhl hockey team before wild?

they were called the minnesota north stars, the franchise relocated to dallas and is currently the dallas stars

Is the San Francisco Bulls Hockey Team in the NHL?

No, that is not a NHL team.

Are the grizzlies a real NHL hockey team?

There is no NHL team called the Grizzlies at this point

Zach Parise is a professional hockey player for which team?

Zach Parise is a professional hockey player for NHL's team Minnesota Wild. Zach Parise also played for the New Jersey Devils. His position is the left wing.

What is the best hockey team in the NHL?


Does lille have an ice hockey team?

Not in the NHL.

What state is the Avalanche team?

colorado. nhl hockey team