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Q: What is the NFL team of the Bald Birds?
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What NFL team hint to red birds?

,what nfl team is the red birds

What NFL team is ocean going bird?

There is no "ocean birds" NFL team

Who are bald eagles related to?

the bald eagle is related to birds

What are bald eagles?


Are bald eagles?


Are bald eagles used for their fur?

I wonder whether you realise that bald eagles are birds and that birds do not have fur, but feathers.

Do bald eagles migrate or hibernate?

they do not hibernate because they are birds and birds do not hibernate but the bald eagle does migrate

What is the enemie of the bald eagle?

bald eagles enemies are other birds

Is a bald eagle a mammel?

Is a bald eagle a mammal*? No, they are birds..

Are Bald Eagles warm or cold blooded?

Bald Eagles are warm blooded. All birds are warm blooded.

Are bald eagle mammals?

No, they are not.

What NFL team has the name sunburned people?

washington redskins