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Falcons!! Atlanta Falcons

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2012-11-25 02:25:05
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Q: What is the NFL team had a hint name peregrine birds of prey?
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What NFL team has a hint name the peregrine birds of prey?

The Atlanta Falcons

What do peregrine falcons eat?

they are birds of prey they eat other birds etc...

What is a Bird that preys on smaller birds?

One of the birds that prey on smaller birds is the Peregrine Falcon which can dive at speeds of 300 KPH right on to prey! The fastest a Peregrine has ever gone is 400 KPH!

What is the ruddy turnstones predators?

Birds of prey like the Peregrine falcon would prey on a Ruddy turnstone.

Is a peregrine falcon a omnivore?

No..Like all birds of prey, they are strictly carnivorous.

Is the peregrine falcon a falcon or a raptor?

It is both. Falcons are birds of prey, i.e. raptors.

What do peregrine falcons feed their babies?

Peregrine falcons feed their babies regurgitated food from their prey, such as smaller birds, mice, squirrels, etc.

What is the peregrine falcons prey?

Mainly other birds. They will take pigeons, ducks, doves, and most medium sized birds.

What is a Peregrine Falcon's favorite prey?

A Peregrine's prey of choice is other birds, particularly pigeons. The peregrine climbs high above it's intended victim, and dives with incredible speed, wings folded, at it's prey. The peregrine is travelling so fast as it hit's it's prey that it is killed instantly by the impact, thus saving the Peregrine from having to deal with a struggling meal, which can weigh as much, if not more than the falcon.

What is a swift birds prey?

a swift bird of prey... a red tailed hawk? nah, too slow. how bout the PEREGRINE FALCON?!

Are nightingales eaten?

Yes, By all birds of prey Eg Sparrow Hawk, Kestrel, Peregrine Etc

Name an upland bird that occasionally flies upside down?

Many birds of prey (raptors) do when practicing hunting methods. Peregrine falcons are the classic upland example.

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