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Q: What is the NFL fumble to carry ratio in for 2014?
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What Running Back has the highest fumble to carry ratio in the NFL?

marrin barber

In the NFL can you fumble a play due to a hamstring injury?

Yes, a fumble is a fumble, the cause doesn't matter.

Has a nfl team ever gone a season without a fumble?


Who is the all time fumble leader in the NFL?

Brett favre with 166.

If in the NFL a player tries to fumble backwards but somehow it goes forward is it an illegal forward fumble?

A fumble is a fumble, no matter what direction it goes in, but a player cannot advance the ball forward through the air once they have passed the line of scrimmage.

Who holds the NFL record for consecutive carries without a fumble to start a career?

Adam rulapaughz

How often has a center sneak been run in the NFL?

In the NFL, players are not allowed to run the center sneak. This is because the lineman can not be a ball carrier unless there is a fumble.

What is the shortest play in NFL history?

In 1964, Jim Marshall of the Vikings recovered a fumble 66 yards backwards into his own end zone, resulting in a safety. This was officially called a "-66 yard fumble recovery"

In NFL who has possession when an offensive fumble passes through the end zone?

The defense will have the ball at their own 20 yard line.

What are the ways to force a turnover in the NFL?

You can force a turnover three ways in the NFL. If a defender catches a pass it is called an interception. If a defender knocks the ball out of a ball carriers hands and then recovers it is called a fumble and a fumble recovery. If a defense stops a team from converting on fourth down it is called a turn over on downs.

What NFL running back has never fumbled in his career?

BenJarvus Green-Ellis has the longest streak of carries to start an NFL career without a fumble (589).

Can the ground cause a fumble?

The Ground can cause a fumble in the NFL.The ground cannot cause a fumble in the NFL during a play where the runner is being tackled. The ground can cause a fumble if a runner falls to the ground without the fall being the result of a tackle.Instance where the ground can cause a fumble, per the The 2017 Official NFL Playing Rules, Rule 8, Section 7, Article 3, Item 1, which states:"Recovery and Advance. Any player of either team may recover or catch a fumble and advance, either before or after the ball strikes the ground."Instance where the ground cannot cause a fumble is covered under the Dead Ball Rule, Rule 7 Section 2 (a-q) The 2017 Official NFL Playing Rules, Rule 7 Dead Ball, Section 2, Article 1a states the ball shall be declared dead when:"when a runner is contacted by an opponent and touches the ground with any part of his body other than his hands or feet. The ball is dead the instant the runner touches the ground."