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The Lombardi Trophy? It's just a trophy, it is in no way a cup. In fact, of the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL, only the NHL's trophy, the Stanley Cup, is a cup. The others are small statues known as trophies

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Q: What is the NFL cup name?
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Do nfl players wear a cup?

They certainly do.

Do NFL players wear jockstraps?

Most NFL players wear a jockstrap, and some wear a cup

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How many one cup of coffee players in nfl history?

According to Ripleley's Believe It or not there have been 1215 players in NFL history who were a "cup of coffee", an athlete who plays in only one game during his professional career

What is the name of first cricket World Cup?

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What is the team name shared between the nfl and the CFL?

The teams that share a name between the NFL and CFL are the Detroit Lions of the NFL and the British Columbian Lions of the CFL.

Where did the name NFL come from?

The NFL is called the NFL because it is a American sport that has National players in it.

What NFL team name was retired by the NFL?

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What is the name of the NFL team in Canada?

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As of 2009, no players with that name have ever played in the NFL.

What is the official name of the Rugby World Cup trophy?

The Webb Ellis Cup is the official name of the Rugby World Cup trophy.

What is the name of Virgina's NFL team?

The great state of Virginia does not have an NFL team.

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It's called the "Lombardi Trophy". Presented to the winner of the Super Bowl.

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the name of the Mississippi NFL football team is Ole Miss

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Is Ken Mallen's name on the Stanley Cup when on the Ottawa Winning Team?

NO, Ken Mallen's name is on the Stanley Cup for winning the cup with the Vancouver Millionaire's

When was the name NFL changed to NFL?

The original NFL started in 1920. Then, it was known as the American Professional Football Conference. The AFL was founded in 1959. They both merged into the NFL in 1970.

How much money does the NFL make as a sport versus World Cup Soccer?

4 cazillion dollars

What sporting events occur in September?

US Open (Tennis) Ryder Cup NFL Opening Day

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