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around 1000 pound but that is with equipment like a bench shirt elbow wraps lifting belt but raw bench (no equipment) around 750-800 pounds

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Q: What is the Most weight ever benched on a bench press?
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What is the most a male ever benched pressed?

Gene Rychlak had the heaviest bench press at 1010 pounds.

What is the most weight bench pressed by a 15 year old?

ive benched 215, if that helps

Who benched pressed in the most in the world?

he can bench 550

What is the most weight ever benched pressed?

The most ever bench pressed is Eric mims or mimz 1927 pounds sincerly yours Bryan joe

Who set the world record for most weight bench-pressed in the 2000 Summer Olympics?

Rob Zolaturiuk benched an impressive 880 pounds on March 25, 2000. Hossein Rezazadeh Bench Press: 220.0 Kg NOT Rollo Zamiski

Most bench press in the world?

Ryan Kennelly, around 1075, he may have benched more since the last time I looked, but he benches the most, that's a geared lift too.

How much can hulk hogan bench?

On most wrestling website, it said he could bench 555 lbs highest. I don't think he benched 555 lbs raw. As what most people said, 420 lbs sounds like his max bench press recorded. I would go with 420 lbs.

What is the most weight benched by someone under 18?

Monson Peterson of Westminster, CA. He bench pressed 505 lb. at the age of 17 as a Junior of Westminster High School in the Summer of 1984.

What is the most a chimpanzee bench press?


which weight machines will build the most upper body mass?

Weight machines with a bench press option will work best for upper body mass.

How much can Dwayne Johnson bench?

450lb Actually he has said that the most hes ever benched was 425 pounds, and my guess is at present he prob benches somewhere in the high 300's or around the 400 pound mark, maybe... When he was at his peak he has been known to bench press 425lbs,

Who can bench press the most in the WWE?

Amit singh

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