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The NHL team in Montreal Canada is called the "Canadiens".

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Q: What is the Montreal ice hockey team called?
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What is Jesse McCartney's favorite ice hockey team?

Canadiens of Montreal :)

What is the Las Vegas ice hockey team called?

Las Vegas does not have an ice hockey team.

What is the name of the most titled ice hockey team and in the world?

Montreal Canadians

What is the Canadian Ice Hockey team called?

The national team is called Team Canada.

What team has the most champinships in ice hockey?

The Montreal Canadians have a total of 24 Stanley Cups .

Does Nicaragua have an ice hockey team?

They do not have an ice hockey team.۴ۥ

What is Ca nada's ice hockey team called?

Team Canada

Is there a hockey team called the Richmond royals?

Yes. there is an ice hockey travel team from Richmond, Virginia.

How old is ice hockey?

Although the orgin of ice hockey is unknown, the modern game of Ice Hockey was first played in Montreal, Canada in 1875.

What are the release dates for Hockey Match on the Ice at Montreal Canada - 1901?

Hockey Match on the Ice at Montreal Canada - 1901 was released on: USA: July 1901

Is US a team for mens ice hockey?

Yes the Us does have a team for mens Ice hockey. In the Olympics and the international ice hockey Championships.

Where was hockey on ice made?

Ice Hockey was made in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1875. It was created by James Creighton.

What do you call hockey that is not played on the ice?

Hockey Just hockey Hockey on ice is called ice hockey

Who is Leo Lamoureux?

ice hockey defenceman for the Montreal canadiens

What Hockey team name begins with you?

The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers is an ice hockey team. The Utah Utes are an ice hockey team at the University of Utah.

What is the Montreal Canadien's lifetime record against the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Montreal is the best team ever in ice hockey because they have 24 Stanley Cups as Toronto has 14.

Which one is the biggest ice hockey arena?

Bell Centre in Montreal.

What was the name of the first artificial ice rink in ice hockey?

Victoria skating rink, Montreal

Do the Miami canes have a ice hockey team?

As of 2011 the University of Miami does have a Club Ice Hockey team, they play in the American Collegiate Hockey League

How many players are there in a hockey team?

22 for ice hockey

Is there such a sport called ice hockey?

Ice Hockey is Hockey played on ice; as compared to Field Hockey which is played on grass.

Who is the fittest Danish ice hockey player?

Lars Eller of the Montreal Canadiens

What is considered to be the greatest ice hockey franchise of all time?

The Montreal Canadiens.

Information about ice hockey team?

Ice hockey has a lot of teams. The best team right now is probably the Boston Bruins.

What do you wear if your on an ice hockey team?

hockey equipment ya dumb...