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Through the 2017 season, the two teams have played 330 games. The Cubs have won 169 games, while the Brewers have won 161.

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Q: What is the Milwaukee Brewers' record against the Chicago Cubs?
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What is the Milwaukee Brewers record as of today?

The Milwaukee Brewers win lose record as of today is 13-9

Cubs Head to Head record vs Brewers in the last 3 seasons?

The Chicago Cubs have faced the Milwaukee Brewers 46 times between 2012 and 2014. As the teams have faced off the Cubs have 14 wins and 32 losses against the Brewers.

How many wins did the Milwaukee Brewers have in 2007?

In 2007, the Milwaukee Brewers had an 83-79 record.

What was the Milwaukee Brewers 2008 record?


What was the Milwaukee Brewers' first season record?

65 - 97

What was the final season record for the Brewers in 2002?

The Milwaukee Brewers finished 56-106 in the 2002 season.

How many World Series did the Milwaukee Brewers win?

In 1979 & 1982 the Milwaukee Brewers won 95 games

Who holds the Milwaukee Brewers record for most career hits?

Robin Yount with 3,142.

How many games did Milwaukee win in its first season in Milwaukee?

65. The Brewers first season in Mulwaukee was 1970 and their record was 65-97.

What is the Milwaukee Brewers record for rbi's in one month?

Cecil Cooper had 39 in the early 80's

What is the record of brewers versus cubs in 2009?

Milwaukee was 7-10 in games vs. the Cubs in 2009

What was 2009 cubs vs brewers record?

Milwaukee won 7 gamesChicago won 10 games