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there is no soccer team in Illinois

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Q: What is the Major league soccer team in Illinois?
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How many players are in Major League soccer?

11 are in a major leagur soccer team

What is the goal differential for each team of the Major League Soccer Association?

What is the goal differential for the Major League Soccer Association?

How do you enter a soccer team in major league soccer?

You have to get recruited if your a great soccer player

Does Pittsburgh have a soccer team?

The MLS (Major League Soccer) team of Pittsburgh is the Pittsburgh Riverhounds.

What team is David Beckham on?

League : Major League Soccer - USA Team : LA Galaxy

How many people on major league soccer team?

A Major League Soccer club's active roster is comprised of up to 30 players.

What major league soccer team is in Minneapolis?

In 2012 Minneapolis petitioned the MLS (Major League Soccer) officials to expand and include the Minneapolis Vikings as an official team on their roster.

What is the most popular Major League Soccer team?

The LA Galaxy

Is there a Major League Soccer team in Mississippi?

No, sorry. You're missing out.

What is the major sports in Illinois?

Illinois has many sports. Chicago has two major league baseball teams (Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox) , a football team (Chicago Bears), a basketball team (Chicago Bulls), hockey team Chicago Black Hawks), and a soccer team (Chicago Fire).

Does Montana have a Soccer League team?

Montana does not have a Major League Soccer team. The MLS teams closest to Montana would be the Seattle Sounders or the Portland Timbers.

How well is Atlanta MLS doing in the rankings?

The City of Atlanta, Georgia does not currently have a Major League Soccer team. However, Atlanta is currently building a new stadium in hopes of bring a Major League Soccer team to the city.

What is the United States pro soccer acronym?

MLS=Major League Soccer us mens national team=USMNT

What is a Bolivian soccer team?

A soccer team from Bolivia. This can include a league team or a national team.

What Major League Soccer team is close to Richmond ca?

The las angelas red bulls

How is Real Salt Lake expected to fare in Major League Soccer this season?

The Real Salt Lake team is expected to fare well in the Major League Soccer Tournament this season. They did well in previous seasons and have a strong team this year as well.

Is Tampa Bay rowdies a MLS team?

The Tampa Bay Rowdies are not affiliated with Major League Soccer (MLS); rather, they are an American professional soccer team affiliated with the North American Soccier League (NASL).

What league is the Georgetown Soccer Team in?


What is the name of Illinois's soccer team?

The Chicago Fire.

What team did Hernandez play in 2010?

Chivas in the major soccer league. he wasn't a bad player then aswell.

Which famous soccer player wears the number 35?

Rob Valentino is a U.S. major league soccer player that wears the number 35. Rob Valentino is a team member on the Colorado Rapids soccer team.

What is the name of the soccer team in Sweden?

There are thousands of Soccer teams in Sweden.. The Swedish soccer league is call Allsvenskan. The top team in this league is Mälmo ff, they are also playing in champions league.

Where is the team DC united located?

"D.C. United is an American professional soccer club based in Washington, D.C. which competes in Major League Soccer (MLS), the top professional soccer league in the United States and Canada."

What soccer league has the team Vitoria?


Who is the most popular soccer team in the soccer league in Spain?