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Las Vegas does not have an Ice Hockey team.

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Q: What is the Las Vegas ice hockey team called?
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What is the Blue Jays triple-A team called?

Toronto's triple-A team is called the Las Vegas 51's. They play at Cashman Field in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What professional teams are in Nevada?

Las Vegas Gladiators, Arena Football League Las Vegas 51s, minor league Baseball Las Vegas Wranglers, East Coast Hockey League

Is there any major sports within 100 mile radius of Las Vegas?

Las vegas has a minor league baseball team, and a hockey team, but there are no " Major league " type teams that close. Los Angeles is your closest option.

Is Las Vegas in France?

No, I live in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is in USA. In an interesting state called Nevada.

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There is no mall called the Las Vegas Mall.

Does las Vegas have a pro football team?


What city does The A-Team operate out of?

Las Vegas

A city that does NOT have a NFL team?

Las Vegas

His name is synonymous with Las Vegas as a matter of fact he is called Mr Las Vegas Who is he?

Wayne Newton is also know as Mr. Las Vegas. He performed over 30,000 shows in Las Vegas, earning him the nickname Mr. Las Vegas.

Does Las Vegas have a sports team?

Professional, no. College, yes.

Does Wayne Newton perform somewhere other than Las Vegas?

No, Wayne Newton only performs in Las Vegas. That's why he's called Mr. Las Vegas.

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In Henderson it's called ''Lake Las Vegas''