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The LA Lakers don't have an official mascot at this time.

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Q: What is the LA Lakers mascot?
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What is the Los Angeles Lakers mascot?

The LA Lakers do not have an official mascot.

Do the lakers have a mascot?

No they do not have a mascot. Instead they have the Los Angeles Lakers Girls

What is the lakers mascot?

The Los Angeles Lakers do not have a mascot. Instead, they have the Los Angeles Lakers Girls to cheer for the team

Who is the lakers mascot?

The Los Angeles Lakers do not have a mascot, just smoking hot cheerleaders.

What is the name of the lakers mascot?


What is the mascot of the Los Angeles Lakers?


What is the lakers unofficial mascot?

Jack Nicholson lol

What is the name of the los angeles lakers mascot?


What is the dumbest mascot?

The lakers. Whats a laker anyways

What is the mascot of grand valley state university?


Who is going to win between LA Lakers and phoenix?

LA Lakers

Why are the la lakers called the la lakers?

The LA Lakers are called the "Lakers" because they first originated from Minnesota (The Minneapolis Lakers). Minnesota is commonly known as "Land of 10,000 Lakes" which gives the team the name "Lakers"

What city does the lakers represent?

la lakers=los angeles lakers

What is the mascot of Grand Valley State University university?


Who are the LA Lakers biggest rivals?

The LA Lakers' biggest rivals are the Boston Celtics.

Did the team the Los Angeles Lakers play as a Minnesota team?

yes the La lakers were the Minneapolis lakers before they moved to la

What are the differences between the LA Lakers and Washington Wizards?

Lakers are in LA. Washington is in Washington D.C

Who won in the LA laker game today?


What is the LA clippers mascot?

They don't have an official mascot.

Day lakers moved to la?

The Lakers moved to LA for the 1960 season. Not sure of the exact date.

Is the LA Lakers playing today at 2 o'clock?

Is the LA Lakers playing today at 2 o'clock

Who is the coach of the la lakers?

The head coach of the Lakers is Mike Brown

Who is better Florida Cavs or Los angeles Lakers?

la lakers

When did the LA lakers move to LA?

== == They moved in 1960.

What is the Mascot of the NBA? well the man on the logo is Jerry West of the Lakers...