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The Dodgers have no mascot. 4 teams do not have a mascot: Dodgers, Angels, Cubs and Yankees.

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Q: What is the LA Dodgers mascot?
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Does the LA Dodgers have a mascot?


What is the Brooklyn dodgers mascot?

Don't have a mascot

What is the dodgers mascot?

The Dodgers do not officially have a mascot. They a costumed baseball player with a very large head which roams the stadium, but it isn't a mascot according to their marketing VP. The team calls it a performance character.

What is the mascout for the dodgers?

The Dodgers do not have a mascot because the real show is on the field.

What is the LA Lakers mascot?

The LA Lakers don't have an official mascot at this time.

What was the Brooklyn dodgers team mascot?

yes a squirrel

What is the La Quinta's school mascot?

La Quinta High School's mascot is the Black Hawk.

What is the LA clippers mascot?

They don't have an official mascot.

Whats the Brooklyn dodgers mascot name?

Emmett Kelly.

Is the dodgers from Boston?

No the dodgers are from la

Name the Los Angeles Dodgers mascot?

They Have No Mascot!!! True! The Dodgers do not have any official mascot, but one year they did hire a famous clown to entertain the crowds back at Ebbets field. The year was 1956 and the Dodgers hired Emmett Kelly Sr. as the character " Weary Willie". The story goes that a famous cartoonist was riding home from a Dodger game when the cab driver said " How did the our bums do? So he ended up drawing a cartoon of the Hobo clown in a Dodger uniform and that's how the phrase " Dem Bums" came about. That was the only year that the Dodgers hired a mascot for the games.

Does George Lopez own the LA Dodgers?

He purchased a controlling intrest in the LA Dodgers.

What MLB teams don't have a mascot?

Cubs, angels, Yankees, and dodgers

What is the Los Angeles Lakers mascot?

The LA Lakers do not have an official mascot.

How many World Series Championships have the LA dodgers won?

Prior to moving to LA, the Dodgers were the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Brooklyn Dodgers won the World Series in 1955. After moving to LA and becoming the LA Dodgers, they won the World Series in 1959, 1963, 1965, 1981, and 1988. If you count the Brooklyn title, they have won 6 World Series Championships. If you only count those as the LA Dodgers, they have 5.

Do LA clippers have a mascot?


What is LA's baseball teams?

LA Angels And LA Dodgers

Coach for the LA Dodgers?

The Dodgers are managed by Don Mattingly.

What is LA Dodgers full name?

The Los Angeles Dodgers

How many major league baseball teams don't have a mascot?

two. Yankees, Dodgers

Who is the manager of the LA dodgers?

Don Mattingly is the current manager of the Dodgers.

What is pickering high school mascot?

The mascot for pickering high school in leesville, la is the red devil

Who is the manager of the LA dodgers in 2011?

The manager of the 2011 Dodgers was Don Mattingly.

When did the Brooklyn dodgers become the LA Dodgers?

1958 was their first season in L.A.

What happened to the Brooklyn dodgers?

The moved to Los Angeles and started in 1958 as the LA Dodgers.