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"The Run For The Roses".

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Q: What is the Kentucky Derby's nickname?
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How many Kentucky Derbys have there been?


What is Kentucky's state's nickname?

Kentucky's nickname is The Bluegrass State

Which horse won the Kentucky Derby in the race of 2010?

The person who won the Kentucky Derby in the race of 2010 is Calvin Borel. He set a new record, and became the first jockey to win 3 out of 4 consecutive Kentucky Derbys.

What is the nickname for Kentucky?

Kentucky Blue Grass. ;)

How did Kentucky get it nickname?

The nickname for Kentucky is "The Bluegrass State," in reference to the famous grass that is blue-green in color.

What was Kentuckys nickname?

Kentucky's Nickname is The Bluegrass State.

University of Kentucky's basketball team nickname?

Kentucky Wildcats.

What is the name of Kentucky's football team?

The University of Kentucky's nickname is the Wildcats.

Is Kentucky nickname volunteer state?

No. Tennessee has the nickname Volunteer State.

What is the Nickname of Kentucky?

The Bluegrass State.

The blugrass state is the nickname for?


Nickname of Kentucky?

The Blue grass state

What state's nickname is the Bluegrass state?


Is Kentucky the volunteer state?

No Tennessee has that nickname.

What is a nickname for the Kentucky Derby?

"The Run For The Roses".

What is the nickname that Kentucky got?

The Bluegrass State

What was Kentucky's nickname for Tommy luck?


What is Kentucky nickname is?

bluegrass state

Where is the Bluegrass state?

Kentucky's nickname is "The Bluegrass State"

What is Kentucky's colorful nickname?

KFC... i guess..

True or false the state nickname of Kentucky is bluegrass state because of the abundant growth of bluegrass in central Kentucky?

pap pratensis

What does the nickname of Kentucky mean?

Kentucky is the Bluegrass State, because quite a lot of bluegrass (poa pratensis) grows there.

What do fruit flies do to your fruit?

they ride it in derbys

Who is derbys top scorer this year?

Nathen Ellington

What was the nickname of the Kentucky Derby winner Regret?

'Legend of the East' was the nickname for Regret [1912 - April 11, 1934]. She was the first filly to win the Kentucky Derby. Her triumph took place, with a fast start and a consistently easy lead, in 1915.