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Its simply called The Irish team or Ireland. They do not have a nickname as of yet

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Q: What is the Ireland rugby team name?
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What is the name of the Irish rugby team?

The Ireland National Rugby Union Team.

Where does the Connacht Rugby team play?

The Connacht Rugby team, as their name implies, is a team that plays professional rugby. Connacht Rugby has four provincial rugby teams representing Ireland.

What is Ireland's rugby team name?

The team does not have a name (nickname) like many other countries

What is irelands international rugby team name?

irelands international rugby team name is Ireland and the flag is a green white and orange tricolor

Who is the captain of Ireland rugby team for the world cup?

The Captain for the Ireland rugby is Keith Wood.

What is Ireland's rugby team called?

Ireland does not have a nickname as yet

Who is Ireland rugby team captain?

Jamie Heaslip is the captain of the Ireland rugby team starting from the 2013 Six Nations championship.

Who is the best team at rugby union?


Who a props for the Ireland rugby team?


Why do Ireland not have two rugby teams?

Ireland has many rugby teams. However, what you are probably referring to is why there is not a Republic of Ireland and a Northern Ireland team. The reason is that, like many sports in Ireland, rugby is played on an all-Ireland basis and there one organisation that looks after it, the Irish Rugby Football Union, and so there is one international team.

What is the name of the British Rugby Union team?

The team is made up of England, Norther Ireland, Southern Ireland Scotland and Wales and is called "The British and Irish Lions"

Who is the captain for Ireland's rugby team?

Brian O'Driscoll

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