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Through the 2008 season, 28-33-1.

Iowa's records against PAC-10 teams:

1) Arizona: 5-6
2) Arizona State: 1-2
3) California: 3-1
4) Oregon: 1-2
5) Oregon State: 7-5
6) UCLA 3-6
7) USC: 2-7
8) Washington: 3-3
9) Washington state: 3-1-1

Iowa and Stanford have never met in football.

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Q: What is the Iowa hawkeyes football all-time record vs Pac-10?
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What is the all-time Florida vs Pac10 record in college football?

6-4-1 through the 2008 season.

What is the all-time PAC 10 vs SEC football record?

All the Pac-10 fanboy's will say from 2000, but really the SEC leads the Pac-10 59-37-5 (.609) what is the record since 1990 fo PAC10 football vs SEC?

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What is Auburn University's football record against UAB and what years have they played?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, Auburn and USC have met three times (1987, 2002, 2003) and Auburn has lost twice and USC has won twice. Source:

What is an AQ school?

Schools from the 6 BCS leagues (ACC, BIG10, BIG12, BIG EAST, PAC10, & SEC) are considered automatic qualifier if they win their conference.

Has the Big Ten or the ACC won more national college football championships?

The Big Ten(11) has more NC's than the ACC * It depends on who you ask, but a rough idea would be this: counting the AP from 1936 to present, the UPI from 1950 to 1995, and CNN/USA TODAY/ESPN from 1996 to present: Big8/12 - 14, SEC - 14, Big10 - 13, Pac10 - 9, and ACC - 5. This answer is close, but not guaranteed.....just a quick count for a rough idea of conference strengths.

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it depends upon the seating of the stadium and fire codes. every single person who comes to a college football game is required by law to be clothed in proper attire. if the stadium allows 25,000 people, then 25,000 people must be properly attired. if you go to a crazy football school, in the PAC10 or texas, or somewhere like that, the stadiums are much larger, so more people would have to be properly attired. look up your college and find out the capacity of the football stadium, add a few hundred for those on the field, security, reporters, etc., and that should tell you how many people will be dressed for the game.

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Who are Gonzagas official rivals?

The WCC boasts a reputable rivalry between the Zags and St. Marys college. Omar Samhan, St. Mary's star center has been known to make bold statements about Spokane and Gonzaga alike, which have fueled a fire for conflict. Across the Pac10, Washington state University is a loathed team with games taking place each year varying home and away courts. As for the University of Washington, a rivalry exists that has been seemingly quieted over the past few years. Though Mark Few has been quoted in extending an opportunity to play the Huskies, he does demand a neutral court. The Huskies are rumored to not budge from their Seattle spot. To each, their own.

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What is the Pac10 vs SEC record in bowl games since 2000?

The answer is 0-0. The Pac-10 and SEC have not met in a single bowl game in the 21st century. During the regular season, the Pac 10 has a 10-5 record against the SEC, but those stats are skewed somewhat. Four of the ten Pac-10 wins are USC, while LSU is 3-0 against the Pac-10. In fact, the two conferences did not play any bowl games in the 1990s, either. The last time the SEC and Pac-10 squared off in a bowl game occurred in 1987, when UCLA (with Troy Aikman) and Florida (with Emmitt Smith) met in the Aloha Bowl, won by UCLA, 20-16. In the last 30 years (since 1977), the Pac-10 and SEC have only met in bowl games eight times. The overall record is 4-3-1, the one tie occurring in the 1985 Sun Bowl between Arizona and Georgia 13-13. The other games were: 1977 Sun Bowl - Stanford 24 LSU 14 1978 Bluebonnet Bowl - Stanford 25 Georgia 22 1985 Aloha Bowl - Alabama 24 USC 3 1986 Citrus Bowl - Auburn 16 USC 7 1986 Sun Bowl - Alabama 28 Washington 6 1987 Aloha Bowl - UCLA 20 Florida 16 1989 Freedom Bowl - Washington 34 Florida 7 The 1989 Freedom Bowl between Washington and Florida was the last time the two conferences met.