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For the 2009-2010 season, the Hawks are currently leading the Hawks v. Celtics regular season record 4-0.

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Q: What is the Hawks vs Celtics regular season record?
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In the nba who are atlanta hawks rivals?

mabye the Boston celtics for 2009-2010 season

What is the most points Larry Bird scored in a single game?

Celtics vs. Hawks '85 regular season game (Bird scores career high 60 points)

How old are Celtic?

alls i know is that the celtics are going to beat atlanta hawks and thats a fact it might be celtics 200 hawks 2

How are the atl hawks doing this season?

Their Record is 3-31 as of Jan 6th

When will storm hawks season 3 be out?

There is no storm hawks season 3.

Who won more regular season games this year the Chicago Black Hawks or the Detroit Red Wings?

In the 2009-2010 regular season, the Chicago Black Hawks (52-22-8), had more wins than the Detroit Red Wings (44-24-14).

When do hawks have their mating season?

Hawks mate in early spring.

Who was the NBA champs of nineteen sixty?

In 1960, the Boston Celtics beat the St. Louis Hawks (Now the Atlanta Hawks) by 4-3, respectively.

When did the Celtics get their first championship?

The Boston Celtics won their first championship in 1957 NBA Finals.They beat the St. Louis Hawks 4 games to 3.

What is the most overtimes in an NBA playoff series?

Thursday's triple-overtime cliffhanger marked the seventh extra period the Bulls and Celtics have played, setting a NBA record for overtimes in a single series. {| |+ Most Overtimes in a Playoff Series, NBA History |- | Year Teams OTs 2009 Celtics vs. Bulls 7 1957 Celtics vs. Hawks 4 1953 Celtics vs. Nationals 4 |}

Which teams have the Boston Celtics lost to in the NBA finals?

The LA Lakers twice (1985 and 1987) and the St Louis Hawks (1958) now the Atlanta Hawks.

What is the Atlanta Hawks record?


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