What is the Greek work for swim?

Updated: 12/5/2022
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Q: What is the Greek work for swim?
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What is the greek word for 'swim'?

κολύμπι (kolýmpi)

Could the Greeks swim?

I asked my Greek friend Hercules about this and he said no.

How does fishing boat work?

they swim

Did Greek children work?

No the Greek children did not work. they had went to school.

When it came to his work the swim teacher was?

Immersed in it!

What can unicorns not do breed swim fly or tell fortunes?

According to Greek Mythology, unicorns cannot swim or tell fortunes. A unicorn can breed and fly. A unicorn can basically do what a horse can do, except a unicorn can fly. swim

What is the best thing to do at a swim meet besides swimming?

You can eat, watch other people swim, or work at the concession stand.

When do swim coaches work?

Swim coaches are a rare species that live in forrests and feast on mushroooms. They don't usually socialise with other humans. The one time of the year they do work is Halloween.

What does the word work mean in greek?

The Greek root word for "work" is "ergon." It does not share a meaning with the Old English word for work, which is "wrycan."

Muscle that move when you swim?

Your abdominals work hard when you swim. Also your legs if your kicking, and your shoulders push the water to move you forward.

What is the Greek word for voice?

the greek work for voice means foni

What were the differing roles of people in greek society and greek families?