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The Greek words corresponding to competition are :συναγωνισμός and αναγωνισμός (synagonismos, anagonismos)

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Q: What is the Greek word corresponding to competition to Greek?
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What is the language of origin for the word pseudo?

The language of origin of this word is greek. The corresponding word in greek is "ψευδο-" and in this form means something like "fake". It' comes from the greek word "ψεύδος" which means "a lie".

What is the greek word for holy spirit?

Τhe greek corresponding for holy spirit is "Άγιο Πνεύμα" (agheeo pnevma)

What does the Latin word agones mean?

The Greek word agones is the plural of agon, meaning a competition, conflict, dispute, argument, athletic competition and so on.

What is the language origin of pseudo?

The word "pseudo" comes from the Greek word "pseudes," which means false or deceptive. It is commonly used in English to prefix to indicate something as false or pretended.

What does Spero mean in Greek?

"spero" is not a greek word, but there is a greek male name that its spelling is alike your given word and it is "Σπύρος" (speeros). On the other hand, if you ask what is the greek corresponding for the latin "spero", then it is "ελπίζω" (elpeezo=to hope).

what is the root word of decathlon?

The root word of "decathlon" is "deca," which is a Greek prefix meaning ten. The word "decathlon" refers to an athletic competition consisting of ten different events.

What is the corresponding adjective for the word pride?

The corresponding adjective for the word pride is "proud."

Where does the word athlete come from?

The word "Athletics" come from the Ancient Greek ἀθλητής. Athletics by definition means "combatant in public games", which would make sense because athletes go through quite a bit of training to get to the high competition that you see on TV.

What is a sentence for the word corresponding?

Corresponding means similar in character, form or functions.We discovered our corresponding viewpoints.Find the corresponding angles in the transversal?

What is the base word in the word corresponding?


Was the Greek Super League winner in 1950?

There was no Greek Super League competition in 1950.

Was the Greek Super League winner in 1929?

There was no Greek Super League competition in 1929.