What is the German tradition of the best man?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Typically Germans don't have a best man or maid of honor; instead, two family members or friends serve at witnesses to the marriage.

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Q: What is the German tradition of the best man?
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Can the best man not be orthodox to marry a couple in orthodox church?

The best may is allowed to be non-Orthodox. This is because Orthodox weddings do not actually include a best man. The tradition of best man is a Western one, so because it is not an Orthodox tradition, the best man is allowed to be non-Orthodox.

Does the tradition of the best man getting to kiss the bride still exist?

The Best Man can choose to kiss the bride or simply congratulate her and it's up to the individual that is Best Man. If he does kiss her it should be on the cheek and not on the lips.

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