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Au revoir is goodbye in french.

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Q: What is the French translation for bye?
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Au revoir à vous pour toujours?

If you are asking for a translation, that is French for "Good bye to you, forever".

What is the meaning of bye in Swedish?

"Bye" does not have a meaning in Swedish, but the translation of "bye" into Swedish is "hejdå".

How do you say i appreciate it in french?

"J'apprécie" is the correct translation. Because I = "Je" in french, and the french verb for appreciate is "apprécier". ( I'm french ) Bye !

How do yo say bye in Tagalog?

Tagalog translation of bye: paalamBut normally bye is used.

What is the Greek translation bye?

bye = ώρα καλή (ora kali)

What bye mean in french?

In French, "bye" is not a word. However, the phrase "au revoir" is the equivalent of "goodbye" in English.

What is the Igbo word for bye?

The translation for the English word bye into the Igbo language is nọọ.

How do you write bye bye in French?

au revoir

What is called bye bye in french?

Au Revoir. :)

How do you say Does his in French?

fait son is the translation in French. This translation is from English to French.

What is the translation of 'be happy' in french?

the translation in french is : 'sois heureux'

What is the french translation for the name Elliot?

The french translation is the same.