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Q: What is the Football Tournament due to be played in Graz this summer involving English German Italian and Austrian Club teams?
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An Indian football tournament which is the second oldest football tournament in the world -next only to the FIFA cup?

It is not the 2nd oldest football competition in the worldas widely documented in the national media.Started in 1988, it is probably the 3rd oldest continuous football Cup competition in the world, after the English FA Cup (1871) and the Scottish Cup (1874).The English Football League began in the same year.The FIFA World Cup was first played in Uruguay in 1930.

What does the FA cup mean?

The FA Cup is the Football Association Challenge Cup, which is run by the English Football Association. It is widely considered to be the most prestigious domestic cup competition in the world and is the oldest association football tournament in the world.

What is the oldest soccer tournament?

the oldest tennis tournament still being ran is wimbledon.

When did English football team last win a tournament?

A domestic team or the national team? The English National team won the world cup in 1966 Manchester United won the champions League in 2008

What are English football ties?

English football ties are English football matches

Which was invented first American football or English Football?

English Football

What is a Swifde?

Austrian dog breeder of English bull terriers

What is Wien in English?

If you mean the Austrian city that is called Wien in German, it is called Vienna in English.

What is the English title of the Austrian carol stille nacht?

Silent Night.

What is french for football?

football as in english

What is the kick off called in English football?

It is called a kick-off in English football.

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The English football league that Dover is in is the Dover Athletic.