What is the Fairchild Trophy?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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I am not completely up to date on the award but when I was a small child my Uncle, who was in the US air Force, was either nominated for or won this award. He was a bombadier on a B-52 and the award was presented for accuracy in his field.

The trophy was awarded to the unit with the highest overall score in the annual US Air Force Strategic Air Command (SAC) Bombing and Navigation Competition. The competitions were held fairly consistently from 1948 through 1992- the tenure of SAC. Air Combat Command held a competition in 1994 and 8th Air Force revived the competition in 2009. The contest usually included scored events in bombing, air refueling, and navigation for bombers and tankers. Allied Air Forces including the RAF sometimes participated.

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Q: What is the Fairchild Trophy?
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