What is the England Germany score?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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England 4, West Germany 2 - I remember it well!

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Germany 4 - 1 over England..

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Q: What is the England Germany score?
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What was the score when England won Germany in 1966?

England 5 - 2 West Germany.

What was the score of England and Germany in last years World Cup?

it finished 4-1 to germany.

What was the score when England won the world cup final against Germany?

4-2 in favour of England

What is footballs biggest score?

England 2-4 against Germany in 2010

What was the final score in the world cup 1966?

England 4 ~ West Germany 2 Geoff Hurst scored a hat trick. the match went into extra time.

What is the score in the 1966 world cup Final?

England 4~2 Germany a hat-trick by Geoff hurst gave England the win

Did England's soccer team win a world cup?

Yes! they did once in 1966 at London, England, against West Germany. England's winning score was 4-2.

3 Who did England play in the 1966 World Cup Football final and what was the score?

England won the final, beating West Germany 4-2.

How many players have scored hatrick for England?

The only player to score a hat trick for England is Geoff Hurst verses West Germany in 1966.

What was the tense score between England and Australia in the 2004 Rugby World Cup?

The score was Australia - 10, England - 12

Who was involved in Germany bombing England?

The populations of Germany and England

Will Germany score a goal agents Spain?

Germany failed to score a goal verses spain. Puyol scored a goal.