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indoor games are played indoor

outdoor games are played outdoors

Indoor games are basically played inside home whereas outdoor games are played outside the premises of house and requires you to do to a little physical exercise. These days several outdoor games such as kayaking, trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, Camping, Aero Sports etc.

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Q: What is the Difference between indoor and outdoor games?
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Difference between indoor and outdoor games?

The walls and ceiling.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor activities?

indoor activities are like board games hide and seekoutdoor activity are like playing tag, soccer, running

Indoor and outdoor games?

basketball is an indoor game.

What are indoor and outdoor games?


Can basketball be an indoor and outdoor games?


Where is games play?

outdoor games outside and indoor games inside

Are indoor games better than outdoor games?

Outdoor games rule. You get fresh air and lots of space!

How is math applied in various games outdoor and indoor?

answer the question

What are examples of outdoor and indoor sports?

Indoor games are indoor tennis, soccer, table tennis, volleyball, bowling, basketball, golfing, board games and card games and so on. Outdoor games are basketball, soccer, tennis, cycling, golfing, skating, skipping, skiing and so on.

What is the definition of indoor and outdoor games?

indoor means we will play inside the house eg.carom,chess,table tennis etc outdoor means we will play outside eg.batbiten,hockey,basket ball etc

What are the advantages and disadvantages of indoor and outdoor games?

Indoor games can help children develop their thinking skills but spending a lot of hours inside the house is not healthy. With outdoor games children can enjoy fresh air and exercise.

Can you list some indoor and outdoor games?

outdoors bothsoccer, basketballfootball, volleyballtennisIndoorbowlingsoccerchess

What are the differences between indoor outdoor games?

Usually an outdoor game would be one that requires more space to play, or bigger game pieces. Most indoor games could probably be played outdoors, but not vice versa. A few popular games are Cornhole, Washers, and Ladder Golf. You'd see these games at a lot of backyard BBQ's and tailgating functions.

Hopscotch is indoor game or outdoor game?

Outdoor Games For Young Kids : Amazon has this cool outside game for children -

What is the difference between outdoor recreation and outdoor education?

Outdoor recreation is when people enjoy the outside by playing games and sports. Outdoor education is when people are outside and use nature and experiments to learn something.

Which games can be played both as indoor outdoor?

i know soccer can and i think baseball can to but im not sure

What are some traditional children's games?

Traditional children's games can be categorized as indoor games and outdoor games. Some indoor games are board games such as Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders. Many cards games include Old Maid, Go Fish, and War. Outdoor games are tag, Red Rover, cops and robbers, and keep away.

Can not play games?

Yes I can and I also like to play both types of games , that is indoor as well as outdoor games, it is fun as well as good.

Is indoor paintball different from outdoor paintball?

Yes. generally Indoor Paintball is either played with inflatable bunkers or in urban simulators with very short games. Outdoors can be played with a variety of obstacles and usually has longer games with larger fields.

What is the names of indoor games?

Name s of the indoor games

What are the names of all the indoor games?

names of indoor games

What were paul pierce childhood activities?

In his childhood he the most common games he played in his childhood like... croquet, duck-duck goose, badmington, bridge and they are indoor and outdoor games.

When was Asian Indoor Games created?

Asian Indoor Games was created in 2005.

When was Boston Indoor Games created?

Boston Indoor Games was created in 1996.

Diseases caused by air pollution?

Type your answer here... cancer because children play more of outdoor games than indoor games and when bushes are burnt, they inhale the toxic(9smoke)