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The Broncos original uniforms had white and yellow jerseys with brown pants and a brown helmet. That changed in 1962 to white pants, orange helmets, and orange and white jerseys. Current team pants are white with blue or white or orange jerseys and a blue and orange helmet.

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2008-01-10 03:22:30
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Q: What is the Denver Broncos original colors?
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How did Denver Broncos get its name?

The Denver Broncos were given the nickname "Broncos" by original franchise owner Bob Howsam.

Where did the Denver Broncos get their name?

The Denver Broncos were given the nickname "Broncos" by original franchise owner Bob Howsam.

Why is Denver home of the Broncos?

The Denver Broncos play in Denver because that was where the original owner, decided they were going to be from. If they were in Chicago, they could be the Chicago Broncos.

What was the origenal colors of the Denver Broncos?

brown and yellow

What is the Denver Broncos colors now?

They are Blue, Orange, and White.

How long has the Denver Broncos been in existence?

The Denver Broncos were one of the original teams in the AFL (American Football League) when it started in 1960.

What are the PMS colors for the Denver Broncos?

Broncos Blue: PMS 2767c Broncos Orange: 151c Have Fun! RE: The above listed colors are incorrect. The Denver Broncos do not share this information as it is an infringement upon their TM. For more information: That's just not true. They're listed in the Broncos Media Guide: "Broncos Orange (PMS 1655C) and Broncos Navy (PMS 289C)." And sharing PMS colors is not a violation of trademark law. Shame on you.

Where can one buy an original Denver Broncos hat?

One can buy an original Denver Broncos hat online. People can buy this original hat from the LIDS website, where one can buy such a hat to celebrate Colorado's favorite football team.

When was the Denver Broncos born?

The Denver Broncos were founded in 1959.

When was Denver Broncos created?

Denver Broncos was created in 1960.

What sports teams have the colors blue and orange?

university of florida, denver broncos, lots of teams.

What was the Denver broncos called before they were called the Denver broncos?

They have always been called the Denver Broncos since they were founded in 1960.

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