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there is none... its a football team

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2009-12-14 16:04:25
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Q: What is the Cleveland Browns basketball mascot?
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Original mascot of Cleveland Browns?

an elf in a brownie uniform carrying a football.

What is the Cheveland Brown's mascot?

The mascot for the Cleveland Brown is Chomps. The Cleveland Browns is a professional American football team founded in 1946 and they are headquartered in Berea, Ohio.

What are some of ohio's sports?

Basketball they have the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Football they have the Browns.

What is the Cleveland Browns logo?

The Browns do not really have a logo. Their helmets are orange and do not contain a logo. There is a logo for the fan inspired 'Dawg Pound' and a mascot named 'Brownie Elf'. Click on the 'Browns Mascot/Dawg Pound' link on this page to see pictures of them.

What is Cleveland ohios city sport?

Cleveland has the professional teams called the Browns (football), the Indians (baseball), and the Cavaliers (basketball).

Who are the Cleveland Browns?

The Cleveland Browns are an NFL team based out of Cleveland, Ohio.

Where do the Cleveland Browns play?

Since 1999, the Cleveland Browns have played at Cleveland Browns Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. Prior to that the Browns played at Municipal Stadium, which was torn down to have Cleveland Browns Stadium built in it's place.

When was Cleveland Browns created?

Cleveland Browns was created in 1946.

Which team replaced the original Cleveland Browns?

cleveland browns

How old are the Cleveland Browns?

The Cleveland Browns were established in 1946.

What do cavaliers have to do with Cleveland?

They are the respective NBA basketball team for that city. Just like the Browns in football, and the Indians in baseball

Who is the mascot for Cleveland High?

* Grover Cleveland High School, Reseda, Los Angeles, California , Mascot: Cavaliers * Cleveland High School, Seattle, Washington, Mascot: Eagle * Cleveland High School, Portland Oregon, Mascot: Warriors

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