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Shanahan was head coach of the Raiders for 20 games (entire 1988 season and first 4 games of the 1989 season) and Denver Broncos for 14 seasons (1995-2008). His record against the Chiefs as head coach of the Raiders was 2-1 (all regular season games) and as head coach of the Broncos was 14-14 in the regular season and 1-0 in the playoffs.

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I believe Shanahan is 21-7 against the Raiders. We (Raider fans) will not miss him.

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Q: What is the Chiefs record against Mike shanahan?
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What is mike shanahan's record overall against the chargers?

21 wins and 12 losses. His first three wins over the Chargers came as coach of the Raiders.

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Mike Shanahan was born on August 24, 1952.

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Mike Shanahan became the coach of the Denver Broncos in 1995.

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